$20 OFF Exclusive CNFashionBuy deals plus lucky draw,Worldwide free postage,the promotion will last from 2019.08.16 to 2019.08.31

The top 50 subscribers will receive a pair of socks worth $5.

rule of activity:
1、You must register. (How to register?

2、If you need to send the goods to China, please do not pay, contact our online customer service.You will receive a discount of around $30-$40 when you want send it to China. (How to order?

3、How can it be free??
a.We will announce the draw screen on September 2nd.All users, as long as they are subscribed users, will get a lucky draw chance.

b.After the results of the winnings are announced, We will contact the user within 24 hours and refund all of their money.We will make three lucky draws(One user will be exempt from international shipping charges, one user will be exempt from the merchandise fee, and one user will be completely free).?Users who have not succeeded in winning the prize will receive a coupon of 10$.